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Did the coffee lineup seem a little longer on Friday? Was it because it’s day 3 and our minds are getting tired from the great science and late nights (dancing, anyone)? Here’s a snapshot of what happened in the plenary sessions, the poster hall and elsewhere around the conference, as we saw it and through the eyes of bloggers and tweeps.

Daily blog roundup

Plenty of freshly posted articles for your reading pleasure. I’ve attempted to group them as best possible.

If you want to get a jump on two of today’s presentations (by Benoit Bruneau and Shoukhrat Mitalipov), take a look at the long conference summary posted by Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News. The Node also published a summary of Day 2 activities by Harry Leitch, which notes some of the highlights of the day’s sessions. And Signals’ David Brindley challenged the field to begin thinking more about reproducibility for therapy, not merely for the sake of a journal publication.

Specific topics/speakers:

Conference life:
We assembled some photos of the conference and Boston that we shared via our Right Turn feature. Kevin McCormack at CIRM also captured some images of the chalkboard questions that are hard to miss around the conference venue. Finally, Life Technologies posted a second video, this one asking attendees their thoughts on the most promising research/technology they’ve seen at the conference:

The day according to twitter

Here’s our storify of the day’s tweets:


Highlight of the day

The cell therapy session in the afternoon had many people talking, but it you weren’t in the lecture halls, then the magic word was, well, magic. Regular shows draw a constant crowd at the Life Technologies booth.

Poster of the day

Selected by the Stem Cell Network’s Paul Cassar:
Omics Landscape Of Hematopoietic Stem Cells And Multipotent Progenitors Nina Cabezas-Wallscheid et al. (F-1167) This study is a comparative genome-wide analysis at an RNA and protein level of both long term and short term HSCs. In order to perform this study, the group had to extract these populations from the bone marrow of 700 mice. They found that over 100 proteins were differentially expressed between the two populations and at the RNA level they found over 300 genes that were differentially expressed. The group believes this is the first comprehensive systems level analysis of long term and short term repopulating cells and believes that this study will form the basis of discriminating the molecular events that define these two clinically relevant populations.


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