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Welcome to Signals Blog, the new home and new name for the Stem Cell Network Blog.

Why the change? After nearly four years, 207 blog posts and several “best of” awards, the SCN Blog finally outgrew its dish, so to speak. Late last year, we began planning with the newly-formed Centre for Commercialization of Regenerative Medicine, to create a new blog that would provide a more comprehensive view of the world of stem cell and regenerative medicine research — including basic and translational discoveries, medical advances, event summaries, commercialization successes and challenges, as well as ethical, legal and social issues. We reasoned that the Canadian (and in fact, the international) community was too small to warrant two blogs with similar goals, and the result is Signals Blog.

For those readers familiar with the SCN Blog, we will continue to bring the same level of insight, commentary and news you’ve found on the old site, but will add new perspectives and news on biomaterials, regenerative medicine and commercialization. You’ll find all of the established contributors and meet some new ones too. We’ve even set up a new Twitter feed, @SignalsBlog.

We’re excited about this partnership and the new blog and hope you will be too — as always, we welcome your comments and discussions!

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