Right Turn: CCRM’s holiday science gift guide for kids

Author: Laine Jaremey, 12/08/17

The holidays are right around the corner. If you have a child or pre-teen in your life, the pressure is on to find that perfect gift.

Since you’re reading Signals, you probably understand the value of encouraging kids to be enthusiastic about science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). After all, a STEM education, both at school and in the home, has a positive impact on overall academic success.

So, why not give a STEM-related gift this year?

Need some ideas? CCRM has made a list, and checked it twice.

(Disclaimer: CCRM has not been asked to promote the products in this post and has no association with the companies who make them.)

 Find our top five STEM-related gifts, for toddlers to tweens, below:

Little Patient (All Ages)

This interactive plush toy caters to the interests of pre-pre-med students. Children will learn about the six essential organs and their roles in our bodies. It’s available here.

Fisher Price Think and Learn Code-a-pillar (Ages 3-8)

Disguised as a toy, this gift is “sneakily” educational. It helps children develop problem-solving, planning and sequencing, and critical thinking skills. Get it here.

Robotics Smart Machines Kit (Age 8+)

What eight-year-old doesn’t want a humanoid robot that walks forward on two legs? Be a gift-giving superstar, and deliver an introduction to robotics, with this kit, available here.

 MECCANO Off-Road Truck Set (Age 9+)

Aspiring engineers will love building 25 different 4×4 vehicle models in this one set, which includes a 6V electrical motor. Check it out here.

LEGO Women of NASA Set (Age 10+)

This set allows kids to, ahem, build their knowledge of the pioneering women in STEM who worked at NASA. Find it here.

Lemon Clock (Age 8+)

Click here for a gift that will teach kids about the science of batteries by making a lemon-powered clock, while adding some zest to their stockings.

Do you have any other STEM-related gift suggestions? Share them in the comments.

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Laine Jaremey

Laine Jaremey

Laine is a Communications Specialist at CCRM. Laine has a thorough understanding of healthcare communications, having previously worked in public relations agencies with clients in the pharmaceuticals, biologics, consumer health, medical device and nutrition industries. At CCRM, she is building upon this knowledge and generating an awareness of the ever-advancing regenerative medicine and stem cell fields, while supporting the company with strategic communications. Laine completed an Honours Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Studies at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, ON, and a Postgraduate Certificate in Public Relations at Humber College in Toronto, ON. Follow Laine on Twitter at @lainejaremey and get to know her a bit better!
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