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Emily Easto, communications specialist for the Centre for Commercialization of Regenerative Medicine (CCRM), is making her Signals debut here. If you like her list, we can probably coax her into making it a yearly offering.

While publishing a gift guide so late in the year may seem like we’re cutting it awfully close, we thought we’d post a last minute shopping guide for our readers who like to live life on the edge. We’re sure some of you will have finished your holiday shopping by now, but if you still need to find the perfect gift for that special scientist in your life, we’ve got you covered.

As with any post of this nature, we feel we should mention that this curated list of holiday goodies was put together with thoughtful care and without incentive or remuneration from any third party. (Ed: And if that wasn’t clear enough, Signals and Emily Easto were NOT paid to include any of these items. And we’re not seeking future promotional deals, so please don’t contact us.)

So without further ado, we present you with the first annual Signals Holiday Gift Giving Guide.

P.S. If you’re interested in any of our suggestions, simply click on the picture to be taken to the online store where you can purchase them.

The gift of an experience will stay with your gift-ee forever *pause for audible groan*. But in all seriousness, “escape rooms” seem to be popping up everywhere and are an extremely fun way to spend a few hours. Rest assured, even if you don’t solve the puzzle – a raison d’etre for pursuing science in the first place? – you still get to leave at the end (we checked). Simply Google “escape room” together with your city to find a location near you. Here’s one that we recently tested out in Toronto:

escape room










We think anyone who spends hours doing solitary, perhaps repetitive work, would appreciate a subscription to a music streaming service like Spotify (which we wholly endorse, even if Taylor Swift doesn’t):









A practical, yet thoughtful gift is always high on our list and we think the following footware options, that are suitable for wearing in the lab, tick both boxes:




















*We recommend the gold. They can double as the shoe of choice for holiday parties.











Why not gift your Harry Potter obsessed colleague a special edition boxed set so they can re-read their favourite books over the break:











And for your favourite Star Wars devotee, may we suggest the “Furbacca:”











We love giving (and receiving) socks – bonus points if you give this pair to your cat-obsessed friend while out for a coffee at your city’s local cat café, like Toronto’s new TOT the Cat Café.











We’re throwing this blanket into the mix because we think anyone would love to receive this Canadian classic and who doesn’t want to be stylish while keeping warm this winter (if it ever comes):












Best of luck with all your holiday shopping! We wish all of our readers a happy and safe holiday season and New Year!

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